750 Watt Solar Package

This package offers 750 Watts of solar power and is perfect for an RV that has an upgraded battery bank with a higher Amp Hour rating (2 12V batteries, or 4 6V batteries). With the included 750 Watts of solar power in this kit, you will be able to run your 12V RV loads all day without hardly affecting your batteries storage at all. At night the biggest electrical draw is going to be your heater. Sleep easy and warm knowing that you can run the heater all night worry free and your batteries will be back to fully charged within an hour or two of the sun rising! The best part of all, you accomplish all of this without running your generator! Add an inverter to to this package and give yourself the added convenience of using all of your outlets and even your microwave without running the generator!


This kit includes:


(3) 250 Watt Solar Panels

(1) 60 Amp Solar controller/Smart Charger W/ Bluetooth battery monitoring or a remote display (Add $100).

All associated wiring, fuses, circuit breakers, and electrical connections necessary.

$2200.00 installed*

*$50 destination fee may apply