Inverter Package Installations

Due to the vastly differing needs on a customer to customer basis it is best to give us a call to discuss your individual needs and get the most accurate quote possible. We have developed a system that covers the wants and needs of nearly ALL "weekend warrior" type campers with our 2000 watt Auto-Switching inverter package, but if you feel that you need more functionality like running the A/C units or full time living requirements, we have perfect solutions for those needs as well! Give us a call to discuss those needs!

2000 Watt Auto-Switching Inverter Package:

Our installation method provides power to all inside and outside outlets as well as the dedicated microwave circuit if desired. We provide 1 switch operation to easily use the coffee makers, hair driers, TV's, computer chargers, phone chargers, pellet smokers, and microwave in a completely hands off automated system. When you start the generator or plug into shore power the circuits will automatically switch to that dominant power source and when you turn off the generator or unplug, the inverter automatically switches back ensuring there is never a lapse in your use-able power! The best part of all, it is a true 1 switch operation with ZERO possibilities for operator error! We have taken the complexity out of living and camping off grid!


*$50 destination fee may apply