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What really makes RV Solar Concepts great is our incredible team. Passionate, experienced, talented, and friendly, we truly have the best of the best. With over 20 years of collective experience in the field and industry certifications, our people are dedicated to making sure your needs are not only met, but exceeded.

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RV Solar Concepts installation technicians are trained and certified in the electrical field by the Department of Labor.

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Nick is a United States Navy veteran that served 6 honorable years of service all while gaining the practical knowledge of mechanical and electrical work that makes him such a valuable asset to the RV Solar Concepts Team! During his time in the Navy he earned a journeyman’s license in Electronics and built the tremendous knowledge base that he later applied in the private sector. Nick became part of our team in 2019 after performing electronics and electrical work for more than 5 years at the country’s largest nuclear power plant! He is extremely knowledgeable and loves passing this knowledge on to our customers ensuring that they know exactly what they are getting and how it works for them!


Justin brings extensive knowledge as a veteran in the U.S. Navy working on combat and tactical fire control systems where he gained experience in electrical equipment maintenance. His post-military work experience includes 7+ years of Instrumentation, Electrical, and Mechanical Maintenance. With a highly organized mind, this motivated individual meticulously ensures his projects are performed correctly the first time. Justin has a down to earth attitude and open, honest nature that makes him a valuable asset when discussing and listening to the specifics of customer needs!

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